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Proof of Ownership

Proof of ownership is required in Ohio. Certificate of Title must be obtained by application to any County Clerk of Courts. Application must be accompanied by previous owner's assigned, notarized, Certificate of Title; registration card, Bill of Sale from non-titled state accompanied by Motor Vehicle VIN Inspection Certificate. Certificate of Title fee $15; inspection fee, $3.50 and $1.50 fee paid to the Clerk of Courts upon title issuance ($5.00 total).

Upon transfer of ownership, seller must deliver assigned Certificate of Title indicating correct mileage, to buyer for surrender to clerk of court for issuance of new certificate to new owner. $5 penalty if new Certificate of Title not applied for within 30 days of purchase or transfer.

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When You Buy A Vehicle

An Ohio motor vehicle dealer is required to provide you with your new title within 30 days of the purchase of your new vehicle. Ensure that the dealer has your name exactly as you want it to appear on your title , and your county of residence.

f you buy a vehicle from an individual, you as the purchaser are responsible for the transfer of the title . The title must be obtained from the title office in any county. DO NOT complete any part of the application on the reverse side of the title , unless it is done before a Notary Public. All signatures must be notarized

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When You Sell A Vehicle

DO NOT fill out the assignment on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title until an actual sale has been made. Make certain that you know the proper name and address of the buyer before making the assignment. You as the seller, are required to state the actual purchase price and the odometer reading of the vehicle. You must sign the title exactly as the title was issued to you and your signature must be notarized. When sale is to an individual, make a copy of the completed, notarized assignment for your personal record of date of sale/transfer.

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Alterations of a Title

Never make any alterations or erasures on a Certificate of Title. If this is done, the title becomes null and void. A replacement title may be applied for in any county.

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Sales Tax

Sales tax is required to be paid when you purchase an automobile. Sales tax is figured on the purchase price of the vehicle. If the vehicle is new and has never been titled, the tax will be figured on the difference between the purchase price and any trade-in amount.

If you buy a vehicle outside of Ohio for use in Ohio, credit may be given for any tax paid to the other state and may be deducted from taxes due in Ohio.

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Payment of Sales Tax

Ohio Revised Code 4506.06 requires the sales and use tax to be paid in cash, certified check or money order to the title office before a new title can be issued. We would advise you to contact your county clerks office for payment requirements.

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Late Filing Fee

There is a late filing fee of $5.00, if the title is over 30 days from the date that the title was notarized.

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Odometer Statement

State and Federal Law requires that an odometer statement be completed on most vehicle title transactions. The new Ohio Certificate of Title has the necessary statement on the reverse side of the title . The older yellow (gold) titles require a separate statement which can be obtained from any title office. Please click here if you would like to see what an odometer statement should look like.

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Out of State Titles

When you are converting or transferring title to a vehicle that was last titled in another state, The following is required:

  1. The Actual Certificate of Title
    Copies are not acceptable. If your out of state title reflects an open lien, proper evidence of its extinction or a copy of the security agreement or loan contract covering the vehicle is required. If your title is held by a lienholder, any title office can provide the necessary paperwork to request the original title .
  2. Out of State Inspection Form
    Any vehicle last previously registered or titled in another state must have a physical inspection, before being titled in Ohio. This is NOT a safety inspection. The inspection of your vehicle will verify the make, body type, model, mileage and manufacturer's serial number or vehicle identification number (VIN). All license agencies offer this service and many car dealers do also. Call ahead and ask the service departments at the car dealers, to be sure.

You will be given the completed inspection form. There is a fee of $3.50 for this inspection. An additional $1.50 will be charged by the clerk of court at the time of title issuance.

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Two Or More Names On A Title

When a title is going into or coming out of more than one name, all parties must sign in the presence of a Notary Public. The title will reflect the conjunction "and." No Ohio title will be issued with the conjunction "or."

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Power of Attorney

A person can sign or act in behalf of another person with a notarized Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney is attached to the application for Certificate of Title and becomes a part of the permanent file.

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Duplicate Titles

If the original title is lost, stolen or destroyed, you may obtain a duplicate Certificate of Title. The duplicate title can only be applied for by the owner(s) or lienholder of the vehicle. If after the duplicate has been issued, and the original is found, the original must be returned to the title office for cancellation.

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Memorandum Certificate

If you are making payments on your vehicle or if you apply for a loan using your vehicle as collateral, always insist upon getting a Memorandum Certificate of Title. With this copy, you can obtain your first set of license plates. You CANNOT transfer ownership of your motor vehicle with this Memorandum copy.

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Satisfying Your Lien of Mortgage

Upon satisfaction of your lien or mortgage, you should receive the original Certificate of Title from the bank or finance company. The lien should be discharged and there should be a clerk of courts stamp on the title that states LIEN CANCELLED.

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Change of Name or Address

If your name is changed through marriage or court proceedings, the name on your title cannot be changed. The same is true of any address changes. A new title will ONLY be issued upon transfer of ownership.

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Death of a Vehicle Owner

The surviving spouse can take title to one or two passenger vehicle(s) not disposed of by Will. This can be done by a Surviving Spouse Affidavit, death certificate and the application portion of the reverse side of the title properly completed. The affidavits are available from the title office. Other transfers must be accompanied by a proper entry from the Probate Court.

A vehicle can be titled to two owners as joint tenants with rights of survivorship (WROS). For example, the title can be issued to: John Doe and Mary Doe WROS. While both parties are living, both signatures are required. When one of the parties passes away, the survivor may bring the title and a copy of the death certificate to transfer the title to the survivor.

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Commercial Trailers

Commercial trailers weighing 4000 pounds or more are required to be titled. A certificate of Title is not required on any commercial or utility trailer weighing less than 4000 pounds. The sale, purchase or mortgage of a trailer is the same as a motor vehicle except for the odometer statement, which is not required. To obtain license plates contact any Deputy Registrar's office.

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Travel Trailers

All travel trailers, including fold down campers are required to be titled in Ohio.

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Truck Campers

When installing a camping unit on a pickup truck, you must record this "body change" with the title office you originally went to. Both original titles for the truck camper and the pickup truck will be required for this change. The new title will show a body type of Motor home.

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Junked Cars

When you dismantle, destroy or change the character of your automobile so that it no longer is a complete car, you must surrender your Certificate of Title to the title office for cancellation. When you sell your vehicle to a junk dealer, you must assign the title to the dealer and have your signature notarized.

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